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7 Tips to Ready Your Home for Sale

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Getting your home ready to put on the market can be overwhelming. One friend's comment was,"I immediately go MEGA!" (My Eyes Glaze Over). Keep it simple. Start with one or two things. Consider adding another one as you complete your top 2. Here are 6 staging tips to choose from:

  1. Refresh Your Curb Appeal --The exterior is the first impression. Make it inviting. Keep it neat and tidy.

  2. Create A Comfortable Interior -- Remove clutter and make it clean, not sterile. Buyers want to see how they could live there.

  3. Banish Personal Photos -- Pack away personal photos, one less item to pack later!

  4. Arrange Furniture -- Create conversation areas. De-clutter the dining room table.

  5. Clean Out Closets -- Help a buyer see that the storage will work for them. Pack away what you don't need now.

  6. Stage Outdoor Space -- Show the lifestyle your property offers!

  7. Use Your Phone's Camera -- Take a few pictures of your house "as is". View them on your phone. That's what a buyer will see. Pick from the photos an area in the home to stage first. Use your phone camera to take an "after" photo.

Staging can be the first step to attracting buyers to your property. Just a few small changes can have a big impact. Looking for a horse property shares a lot of things in common with looking for a home. But there are some additional considerations to think about as well:

What to do to ready your home for sale?
7 Tips to Ready Your Home for Sale

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